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Our Story - Catherine Stapleton, Founder of Stapleton Consulting

Like so many other small business owners, when I set out to establish Stapleton Consulting, I had no idea what I was getting into. Owning a business, leading a team and nurturing client relationships can make for a wild ride. In 2024, it will be eight years of leading by example and influencing the employment journeys of our clients, their employees and job-seekers.

Our new look website culminates a 12-month trek to discover what makes Stapleton Consulting unique, how to best communicate what we do and what can best represent these. A lot of thought and creativity has gone into what you see today.

The Paradox of HR: When managing employment matters, HR practitioners must often follow prescriptive processes set out in legislation or employment case law. In contrast, the people involved and the situation will be different each time. We must be flexible in our approach and communications to create clarity when a lot can seem unclear.

We have reflected this paradox in the shapes and lines we have used. The squares and straight lines represent the rigid parameters of processes and legislation, while the circles and sketched lines reflect the dynamic and deeply personal nature of the situation and changing circumstances we often work with.
Our trees logo and the tagline – “transforming the path” – reflect that people are at the heart of what we do, and our main objective is to transform the path our clients and their employees travel down together, bringing clarity, direction, purpose and trust for the whole team (the company) going forward.

So, what can you come to expect from Stapleton Consulting?

First of all, you can work with us on a consultancy basis. This usually means you can call us when you need our expertise for short intermittent bursts.

You can opt for our integrated employment services if you want a more consistent partnership approach. In this model, we work closer with your leaders and their teams to progress your HR business strategy and overcome employment challenges. By being integrated, we become part of your team and develop relationships that can help to get your people and capability work done faster.

We also offer a range of toolkits, apps, and template preparation services you can purchase from us as required. Are you trying to find an employee file management system, need to do regular employee engagement surveys, or are you wondering if your employment agreement templates comply? We can help with all these.

Our commitment is that we can help you find the best path to people-driven success, no matter your employment challenge or business goals.

Check out this offer to help you prepare for 2024.
We want to help make 2024 your best year yet at the cost of 2023 support!

To benefit from this offer, you can have a free 30-minute discovery session with us before 31 January 2024, and you can access our services at our 2023 rates until the end of 2024.

From 1 January 2024, we will update our terms and conditions, and then from 1 February 2024, our fees will have a refresh to better reflect the expertise our team has. These terms and conditions are on our website now, so you can review them before they come into effect.

We are looking forward to partnering with you and your team. Book a discovery session now.