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We’re in the same boat, so let’s get on the same page

It’s as simple as that. When our clients (employers and employees alike) can sleep soundly, understanding exactly where they stand and how to create a path forward together, we know we’re on the right track.  

Stapleton Consulting is an employment, capability and development business specialising in recruitment, consultancy, coaching and HR tool kits. Our team works alongside businesses and other organisations to create a smoother  employment journey for everyone to travel down together.

We know that a healthy and resilient working environment creates space for honest, constructive communication, where no one is afraid of having employment conversations, even the tough ones.  


Create a path to the progress you need: we’ll lead the way.




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We’re driven by what our clients need

Stapleton Consulting team have built long-term relationships with clients across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions – relationships that we deeply value. Working alongside these clients (for many years, in some cases), made clear paths forward through complex HR situations, crafted employment journeys that benefit both your people and the bottom line and take pride in watching countless ventures grow. 

We like to think of ourselves as people who aren’t afraid to tell it to you straight. Regardless of how difficult the conversation we are asked to take part in, we are committed to bringing an attitude of authenticity along with a gentle reminder that everyone is human. 

Our team goes to work every day to ensure that our clients (both employers and employees) can leave work and sleep at night, knowing where they stand and how to create a path forward together.


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