Need employment and HR support? The best time to act is always now.

Sometimes what your business really needs is a different perspective – someone to hear what you don’t hear, see what you don’t see, to understand what you don’t.

At Stapleton Consulting, we look for the employment issues that are creating a barrier for your business, and we make them disappear. Are you struggling to fill a role? Trying to update your payroll system? Implementing health and safety procedures? Or are you unsure what you need, but know you need something?

As specialist HR consultants based in the Waikato, we bring clarity to your HR practices and help you discover what your business needs to thrive.

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About Us

Our HR consultants can get you back your enjoyment and passion.

If you’ve lost sight of what you enjoy about your work, you’re not alone. Dealing with employment matters can take up so much time that there isn’t much left over for anything else.

We give you that time back.

We know that you’d much rather be growing your business than dealing with compliance, health and safety, recruitment, and disciplinary issues. After all, that’s probably not what you got into business to do. But it is for us.

We’re your trusted Waikato-based HR sidekick, consultants for everything you need in human resources, job vacancies, health and safety, and payroll. You can bring us on board for a specific project, or on a contract basis as your very own HR department, Health and Safety team, or recruitment agency.

Whether you need someone to look after payroll or health and safety audits, you’ve got a tricky job vacancy to fill, or you have a difficult HR problem to solve, we can provide expert advice from a fresh perspective.

And if you’re having trouble seeing the forest for the trees, that’s exactly what you need.

We work with you to help uncover your vision for your business. When we fully understand your needs, we put together a bespoke range of HR consulting services for you.

There’s a world of possibility out there for your business. And with our help, you can take your business wherever you want it to go. Today.

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Looking to find ways to make employment in your business easier, or stepping up your job hunt?

We’re your team of HR consultants, based in the Waikato. We can help you sort out those tricky personnel problems, can perform the services of a recruitment agency including advertising and filling your job vacancies, and can make sure your business has rock-solid payroll processes and procedures in place.

Send us a message, and we’ll set up a time to have a chat about how Stapleton Consulting can help you. Or click the blue button below to find a time and option that suits for you.


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