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About Stapleton Consulting

We know that in our industry, understanding is essential and clarity is power. We also know that many organisations just don’t have the resources for a full time HR team dedicated to creating that clarity and understanding for their team.

That’s why, over the last seven years, we’ve built an employment, capability, and development business which specialises in recruitment, consultancy, and HR tool kits.


People Solutions Architect | Executive Coach

Intentional, strategic, quick-thinker, listener, advisor, unorthodox. 

​​Catherine leads the team at Stapleton Consulting. She’s passionate about extending the capabilities of her clients, their business, and their teams and helping them see what they can achieve through their employment journey. Catherine is always open for a thought-provoking, insightful conversation about employment, culture and how to help businesses realise their potential.

HRNZ Member, IoD Member, certified Mental Health First Responder, certified design thinking facilitator

07 2420 447


Client Manager | Coach

Sharp, Insightful, Enthusiastic, Methodical, Cool, Tenacious.

As a seasoned operations leader, business owner, and performance coach, Louise brings a depth of real world experience and strategic analytical insight to all of our clients. Her operational oversight and systematic approach enhances our HR support framework, ensuring we are delivering excellence at each stage. For Louise, true satisfaction comes from seeing the team apply their expertise and our efficient workflows to deliver great work and outcomes so our clients can sleep at night.

07 2420 447


Employment Relations Specialist

Knowledgeable, questioning, organised, attentive, cheerful. 

Ashlea is an experienced lawyer with more than ten years of experience in both in-house and private practice law. She’s an incredible multi-tasker as she juggles law, farming, and parenting. Ashlea brings a wealth of legal and employment knowledge to Stapleton Consulting and loves to apply her knowledge to solve clients’ employment challenges.

07 2420 447


Recruitment and Facilitation Specialist

Approachable, knowledgeable, pragmatic, curious, outcomes focused.

Pip has a broad range of HR Consulting experience across a range of industries in NZ, Australia, and the UK. She loves to build relationships with clients and see their businesses succeed through people. Pip brings a calm and pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and is a trusted advisor in the businesses she works in.

07 2420 447


People and Capability Specialist

Calm, quick-thinking, friendly, astute, engaging. 

John is an experienced HR consultant and business mentor, and an accredited primary industry consultant. Supporting clients across a range of HR challenges, John brings an assertive and calm approach to facilitating outcomes for employers and employees. John is a quick thinker with a knack for identifying risks and potential pitfalls before they arise.

NZIPIM Certified, People Management Consultant

07 2420 447

The Stapleton Consulting Team has a depth of recruitment expertise gained from working across a range of industries in New Zealand and Australia over the previous 15+ years. We would be hard pressed to find an industry we haven’t done any recruitment for.

As a team, we are an awesome mix of personable and practical, and we pride ourselves on our ability to be a step ahead of the curve when it comes to employment trends. We are constantly looking to the horizon and seeking out what is coming next before it becomes a topic for discussion in mainstream  media. 


Our team

Our Waikato based team delivers HR support at all levels, including HR strategy, organisational development, change management, recruitment, employee relations and day-to-day HR administration. We work across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Auckland regions, and support businesses outside of these regions virtually.

Visionary thinkers

Thinking small just isn’t for us. We take in the big picture, and springboard off our insight and ingenuity to discover solutions where others would find none. We don’t limit ourselves to traditional problem solving – if a creative, outside-the-box solution is the best one to fix your problem, you can trust that we’ll figure it out.

Clarity creators

We create clarity between people and teams, remove barriers to growth, and take in both sides of any issue to craft satisfying resolutions. Our outside perspective allows us the objectivity to help you find a path forward in any situation, and empowers us to provide clear, adaptable processes and roadmaps.

Intentional achievers

Everything we say and do is for a clear purpose – we’re here to help, not to waste anyone’s time. Our specialist team has the experience and professional resources to get to the heart of what your organisation needs, and we are constantly seeking out new tools and methods to help us clear your way to success.


Our service providers


We work with a network of HR service providers, providing you with seamless access to specialised expertise and tools, whenever you need it.


We give back

We are proud to call Waikato our home, and we love getting involved in community groups, sporting groups and organisations outside of the HR world. 

Helping job seekers

Securing a meaningful job can greatly impact someone’s health and well-being. That’s why we often help job seekers and employees access minimal or no-cost recruitment support 

Sharing our knowledge

We also believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with young people as they prepare to enter the workforce. Our team often speaks to young people about the ins and outs of HR, what it means for them as an employee, and how to navigate the recruitment process. 


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