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Recent legislation change affects your employment agreements 

18 July 2023

On 13 June 2023 the Employment Relations (Extended Time for Personal Grievance for Sexual Harassment) Amendment Act 2023 (the Act) received Royal Assent and came into force. What does this… Read more ›

KiwiSaver Compulsory Employer Contributions – change may be coming

18 July 2023

Compulsory Employer Contributions – do you pay on top of salary or wages, or do you include it in your pay rates? For those that include the employer KiwiSaver contributions in the wages… Read more ›

Two recent Employment Court decisions we are pondering on. Watch this space.

18 July 2023

To ensure we remain aware of changes in our profession, particularly case law, we receive updates from a range of content providers. When an article or update sticks out and provokes interest, we… Read more ›

Covid Protection Framework

30 November 2021

Well we finally got more information about this traffic light system and how we need to operate from Friday.  The piece that we are now missing is what level we start at from Friday.Check out the… Read more ›

Welcome to Delta Level 2

9 September 2021

Like me, I am sure you were stoked and relieved to know that kids are back at daycare today and school tomorrow.  Parents in Level 2 regions can now focus without those tiny terrorists… Read more ›

Leave entitlement quiz – are you on the right track?

1 September 2021

With most of the country entering level 3 on Wednesday, but many still unable to return to work or working reduced hours from home, we thought now was a good time to test your knowledge on annual…

Industry Update: Sick Leave Entitlements Have Increased

26 August 2021

It has happened.It will be effective this Saturday, 24 July 2021.Sick leave entitlements have increased. Sick leave entitlements will increase to 10 days per annum for all employees at their… Read more ›

Industry Update: Fair Pay Agreements

6 July 2021

So, I really shouldn’t be saying this, but every time I hear or see the words ‘Fair Pay Agreements’ I groan and cringe. This is mainly because I worked in Australia when Julia Gillard… Read more ›

Industry Update: Immigration NZ Employer Accreditation

1 July 2021

Do you like you are the only one feeling overloaded by all the employment changes? I’m here to give you comfort in knowing that you are not.  Many clients our team are working with are feeling… Read more ›

Privacy Act Changes – what do they mean?

4 December 2020

There has been a series of videos and updates released about the changes. This is great because if you are like me, I prefer videos and podcasts to make the most of my travel time. Below we have… Read more ›

Pay Equity – what is it about?

4 December 2020

Pay equity is about women and men receiving the same pay for doing jobs that are different, but of equal value (that is, jobs that require similar degrees of skills, responsibility, and… Read more ›

Subcontractor or employee? Which one is best for your business?

11 June 2020

It’s frustrating figuring out what to do with your recruitment strategy when there is so much uncertainty about the next 6-12 months. Have you considered engaging a contractor instead of an…

The NZ Government’s Stimulus Package Update

30 March 2020

Check out our latest video below for details of the government’s stimulus package announcement from Tuesday. Feedback is that businesses and sole traders applying, are receiving speedy application…

It’s real people – let’s make a plan

24 March 2020

Alert level 3 to Alert level 4 – It’s real people. If your people can work from home.  Great.  If they can’t, well they are on the subsidy and using annual leave to top up wages.  The… Read more ›

COVID 19 subsidies explained

18 March 2020

Check out our latest video below for details of the government’s stimulus package announcement from Tuesday. Feedback is that businesses and sole traders applying, are receiving speedy application…

Minimum Wages

2 March 2020

On 18 December 2019, the Government gave 250,000 (that’s a quarter of a million) workers notice that they would be getting a pay rise on 1 April 2020.  If you are a SME employer, you may have… Read more ›

Trial periods vs Probationary periods

14 June 2019

On Monday 6 May, the legislation changed so that only businesses with less than 20 employees could utilise trial periods.  It doesn’t matter if you employ casuals, permanent or temps. If… Read more ›

Building time into your day to have fun and laugh in the workplace

12 May 2019

Many took advantage of the Easter and Anzac public holidays to take a break and get some distance from work.  Threes weeks later and all of this may seem like a distant memory now.  … Read more ›

Domestic Violence Leave – another tool for your employer toolbelt

27 March 2019

Upon hearing that employees are now entitled to receive paid domestic violence leave was your first response “Why?”. It was? Then hold on a wee sec as I’m going to tell you why you… Read more ›

How to prepare for the minimum wage increase

4 March 2019

minimum wage increase: What does it mean and how to plan for it As at 1 April 2019, the minimum wage increases to $17.70 per hour. That equates to $708 for a 40-hour week. This is the… Read more ›

When is casual employment REALLY casual?

17 January 2019

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young lady, who I will call, Jane.  Jane had applied for a full-time permanent role but was offered and signed a casual… Read more ›

Workforce Planning – Part 4 – Got your salary/wage budget sorted?

19 June 2018

The start of winter heralds a time of reflection and planning.  Businesses are setting budgets, reviewing the year that has been and considering what is ahead.  Your employees will be doing the… Read more ›


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