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Clear a path to growth: with skilled HR specialists on your side, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re all set for success. Stapleton Consulting’s specialists help you eliminate obstacles to success and care for the greatest asset in any business: your people. 

Outsourced HR: Remote but not removed.

For some organisations, having a full-time internal HR department is not feasible, but getting HR right is crucial, no matter your business. Outsourcing your HR to Stapleton Consulting gives you all the benefits of a dedicated, highly experienced HR Manager without bringing on more employees. We get to know your people and take time to forge authentic relationships so that when challenges and issues arise, we can get right to the heart of any problems.



Specialist HR Support: Key for busy HR teams

Our offering is a bit different for larger organisations with their own existing HR team. Stapleton Consulting’s experts can support your internal HR team, acting as a People and Capability Specialist. Underpinning existing capabilities in your organisation and taking hassles away from your HR and Executive teams, our specialists give you the support you need to craft an excellent employment journey. 

Ranging from day-to-day HR tasks through to high-level offerings like organisational development and change management, we craft our HR services to fit your particular needs.


Integrated Recruitment Partner

In a job market where good, skilled candidates are hard to find (and are snapped up quickly whenever they become available), it can sometimes feel like recruitment is the only thing your HR team gets to focus on. For those who don’t have an HR team, it can be even more overwhelming. Where do you look, how do you start, and which platforms are effective for advertising these days…? 

We can take care of all that. Stapleton Consulting can be your integrated recruitment partner, working with you to develop a solid recruitment plan and then executing that plan. When we say ‘integrated’, we mean that we’ll work with hiring managers to advertise, screen, shortlist, and scrutinise candidates through various background checks – as if we were an in-house resource.


Leverage your online presence

As your integrated recruitment partner, we can develop a strategy to leverage relationships with schools, training organisations and other agencies. Did you know we have used social media for recruitment advertising since 2018? We get your job opportunities to where your candidates are.



Honesty is our policy

You won’t find us poaching from one client to benefit another unless that candidate has first approached us, and if a particular candidate isn’t the best fit for the  role, we won’t hesitate to say so.

There’s no filling roles to secure a fee, either: we don’t do success fees. At Stapleton Consulting, we prefer a more straightforward  approach: you pay for the work we put in to find candidates or work together to design a retainer that suits your needs.


Access the village

At Stapleton Consulting, we leverage our extensive professional network to effectively seek out the right people with the right skills. We also use those connections to raise your profile and position your organisation as a highly attractive career move.  Even if you are not actively seeking candidates, let us nurture your candidate community with regular communication and reminders for you to connect with highly skilled talent over coffee.


Laying the groundwork for candidate success

The first steps in the employment journey, attraction and selection, are just as important for the candidate as they are for you.

After all, with each job they consider, they’re weighing up the possibility of making a major life change. That’s why we ensure that the candidate gets a good impression of your organisation right from  the start. Delivering a positive recruitment and induction process is absolutely crucial for long term candidate success.

Governance and Executive
Strategic Partner

We support a growing list of Stapleton Consulting’s clients at the executive and governance levels via recruitment campaigns or in a strategic advisory capacity.  

When your Board or Board sub-committee needs an employment and capability expert, contact us. Catherine brings a holistic and refreshingly ‘real’ approach and a deep understanding of people-related risks and mitigation strategies. Her expert knowledge and incisive mind can keep any CEO or Senior Executive on their toes and prompt even the most self-assured to consider the ‘people’ implications of their decisions and management proposals.  

Stapleton Consulting’s executive and director recruitment services have an excellent reputation with clients and candidates. Our processes are meticulously professional, with all candidates receiving excellent communication regardless of whether or not they’re shortlisted. 

We take the time to understand the skills matrix of your Board, what kind of expertise you need around the Board table, and why. We also get to grips with the vision and purpose of the business, what challenges are on the horizon, and which skills you need at the table to effectively navigate those challenges.    


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