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Transforming your perspective 

At Stapleton Consulting, we believe in the transformative power of learning and development in the workplace. We recognise that people are not just a business’s greatest asset but also its most significant investment.

Our workshops and training services are designed to illuminate new paths and enhance your capability in leadership, management, and teamwork. By focusing on these key areas, we ensure that your business not only grows but thrives in an ever-evolving business landscape.

We know that every organisation is differentOur people development services range from public workshops through to in-house bespoke coaching for individuals, small teams, or organisation-wide depending on your needs. 


Guided Leadership Coaching: Navigating Your Path to Success

Our approach is centered on guiding and enriching your leadership journey. We believe everyone must be their own leaders in life.  Through open and candid insights, our coaching offers a transformative experience, fostering reflection and growth.

We bring a high-performance mindset, gleaned from years of experience as athletes and sports coaches, to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your career or leadership goals. You’re in capable hands for navigating the path to your aspirations.


Specialised Training Areas

  • Executive and Director Capability
  • Business Owner Governance and Operations
  • Leadership versus Management
  • Strategy and People Development
  • Critical HR Skills for authentic leader partnerships
  • New Employer and New Manager Guidance
  • Company Culture Enhancement
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Authentic and strengths-focused

Join our impactful workshops at our Hamilton office, designed to enhance your confidence and capability applying critical skills in HR, employment relations, and people strategy. These sessions are ideal for early-career HR professionals, new employers, and business owners looking to strengthen their team management and strategy development skills.


2-DAYS  |  $2,450

People 360
HR Fundamentals

This comprehensive holistic session dives into the essentials of the employment journey and HR. Participants will gain insights into effective HR strategies, employee engagement, and how to manage workplace challenges and their silver linings. Ideal for those looking to strengthen their HR capability.

Topics covered:

  • New Zealand employment best practices and key procedural communication points.
  • Learn the key principles for a smooth employment journey from attraction and onboarding to succession or exit.
  • How to approach change with a co-design mindset
  • Take away tips and templates to apply your learnings

Upcoming Dates

4-5 April

2-DAYS  |  $2,450

New Employer 360
Employer Basics

Aimed at new business owners and general managers who are new employers, this workshop covers the critical aspects of employment entitlements and the processes, and how to make pragmatic decisions. It’s designed to equip participants with the knowledge needed to navigate grey employment processes, demonstrate procedural fairness, and maintain compliant employment practices.

Topics covered:

  • Employment basics and the Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Procedural fairness – what does this look like in practice?
  • Learn the key principles for a smooth employment journey from attraction and onboarding to succession or exit.
  • Business owner responsibility trifecta – Governance, Management and Shareholder – how do you make good decisions for your team and your business
  • Team performance – what does culture have to do with it?

Upcoming dates

23-24 May

1-DAY  |  $950

Strategy 360
People Strategy for Growth

Focusing on integrating people strategy with business growth, this workshop is perfect for leaders who are struggling to have clarity on where they are heading. It offers tools and insights on how to leverage their team’s capability for success, aligning team efforts with organisational goals.

Topics covered:

  • People strategy blueprint – what are the key elements?
  • Team capability assessment
  • Identifying your future needs
  • Diligence – a must-have for strategy execution

Upcoming dates

7 June

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What our clients say…

We have learned so much from Stapleton Consulting’s coaching, as we have gone from being an owner-operator to a business with a growing team. They have taught us about how to protect our business and our people by using good employment practices. We understand now about employment legislation, the importance of having clear processes and how to get the basics right for good workplace culture.

— Nick Crawford & Hannah Jones, owners of CJ Mechanical Ltd


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