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The opportunity cost if you get covid

19 April 2022

My email inbox is so much lighter, and the to-do list is easier to manage.  Who would say that after a week of sick leave thanks to covid?  I can because I indeed got covid, I used the… Read more ›

The Covid-19 Leave Payments and Subsidies Guide

7 March 2022

Here is your guide to navigating the leave and subsidies It seems Omi has been getting all too friendly with the general population lately.  Clients are reporting many falling ill in the past…


My hand is up, and I have something to share

25 February 2022

Right now, in this moment as I type, the to do list looks endless and I have several messages from clients with questions, and other calls to make. Life admin needs drastic… Read more ›

Covid Protection Framework

30 November 2021

Well we finally got more information about this traffic light system and how we need to operate from Friday.  The piece that we are now missing is what level we start at from Friday.Check out the… Read more ›

The Vaccination Change Guide

12 November 2021

Covid government policy changes keep people like HR and H&S Consultants need. We know that negotiating your way through HR issues can feel overwhelming and full of anxiety. If, after the…


Have you had any CONVOS lately?

25 October 2021

What is getting you through the day? It’s after 1pm and I am busy typing away at this blog post. The team’s chat is pinging away. The lockdown update has happened, and my team are sharing… Read more ›

How to kill Rosemary and save employee retention

15 October 2021

I have my moments where I am caught pondering various topics and thoughts staring out the window.  I have just finished listening to Jim Collins – Good to Great.  So many great concepts and… Read more ›

Welcome to Delta Level 2

9 September 2021

Like me, I am sure you were stoked and relieved to know that kids are back at daycare today and school tomorrow.  Parents in Level 2 regions can now focus without those tiny terrorists… Read more ›

Winter Blues

24 May 2021

Are these heavy feelings getting you down? It’s winter and I have that sinking feeling.  The dreary rainy days are pulling me down.  Come back all-day sunshine.    Lockdown was a year… Read more ›

The pace of change

26 January 2021

When to make a change and how quickly to move  The January blog about cadence generated quite the response.  My thoughts seems to have given many…

Why I don’t work Fridays?

20 January 2021

and it is not because I am a mum… I wear many hats and I am often asked ‘how do you do it?”! What’s the secret to balancing it all? Where do…

Pay Equity – what is it about?

4 December 2020

Pay equity is about women and men receiving the same pay for doing jobs that are different, but of equal value (that is, jobs that require similar degrees of skills, responsibility, and… Read more ›

It’s all about the actions behind the outcomes.

16 October 2020

My morning drive includes 2 stops before work. Daycare and school. There are several parts of my drive that I cringe and prompt anxiety to well up. There’s the place on a long stretch where I… Read more ›

Is your bucket heading for burnout?

25 September 2020

I love people watching.  I catch myself staring and watching others wondering what conversations are about when waiting in a queue.  With friends in my younger days we would make up stories… Read more ›

Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 2

22 September 2020

At rock bottom, experiencing a dark moment and not sure how you got there? Day 2️⃣ of mental health awareness week started with me listening to some moving stories from ladies who had hit rock…

Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 1

21 September 2020

Ever felt like the walls were closing in on you? Or are you anxious and feel like you can’t breath? ???????????????????? How we breathe sets the tone for how we feel and think. That’s the…

Have you filled your bucket lately?

8 September 2020

One the weekend I received a well timed invite to a BBQ.  I was solo parenting that weekend and a chance to relax with like-minds while the kids played sounded perfect.  When I was leaving the… Read more ›

That dirty c-word

20 July 2020

Recently while driving I heard an advert and I cringed because there are many other words I would rather use than “Covid”. I’ve said it a few times and I won’t be saying it again. I now cringe… Read more ›

How to improve productivity in your business

11 May 2020

This month’s blog hasn’t been an easy one to write.  I find my writing and creativity is shocking when I have been stuck in the detail of something.  But I am committed to doing a… Read more ›

It’s FriYAY and maybe our last one in Level 3 ???? let’s keep up the team work!!

8 May 2020

Every one has a different tolerance for risk and are likely to apply the rules more strictly than others. Keep this and the H&S culture you want in mind, when developing your Covid plan, how…

How to stay positive and flexible in your business during Covid-19

2 April 2020

I’m trying to stay positive and be adaptable and flexible in such trying times while working from home in my new temporary office space, but it can be pretty difficult. If we think about where we…

It’s real people – let’s make a plan

24 March 2020

Alert level 3 to Alert level 4 – It’s real people. If your people can work from home.  Great.  If they can’t, well they are on the subsidy and using annual leave to top up wages.  The… Read more ›

Our Top HR Tips for Surviving the Silly Season

12 December 2019

Tis the Silly Season where silly things can happen and do happen! Summer holidays are so close but we still have two weeks to go … unless you are secondary school teachers ? This is the… Read more ›

5 Leadership Lessons Taken from Grey’s Anatomy

5 November 2019

It has been a while since the last blog post. Suffice to say we are quite happy to see the back of September and to a lesser extent October.  These months saw us fire-fighting in our… Read more ›

Building time into your day to have fun and laugh in the workplace

12 May 2019

Many took advantage of the Easter and Anzac public holidays to take a break and get some distance from work.  Threes weeks later and all of this may seem like a distant memory now.  … Read more ›

Domestic Violence Leave – another tool for your employer toolbelt

27 March 2019

Upon hearing that employees are now entitled to receive paid domestic violence leave was your first response “Why?”. It was? Then hold on a wee sec as I’m going to tell you why you… Read more ›

The Employment Guide to Surviving the Christmas Rush

10 December 2018

The weeks leading into Christmas can be difficult and strained Deadlines are a plenty, but time and patience are few.  We currently have clients distracted with petty issues taking centre… Read more ›

Workforce Planning – Part 1 – Preparing for Change

11 June 2018

The start of winter heralds a time of reflection and planning.  Businesses are setting budgets, reviewing the year that has been and considering what is ahead.  Your employees will be… Read more ›

Intro Series Part 5 – What can we offer you and the value?

11 June 2018

This time last year I created a website for Stapleton Consulting. At the time I had the intention of producing interesting updates and sharing information on all things… Read more ›

Intro Series Part 4 – What makes us different? Why come to us?

11 June 2018

This time last year I created a website for Stapleton Consulting. At the time I had the intention of producing interesting updates and sharing information on all things employment related.  As… Read more ›

Intro Series Part 2 – What is HR? What type of work do we do?

11 June 2018

This time last year I created a website for Stapleton Consulting. At the time I had the intention of producing interesting updates and sharing information on all things employment related.  As… Read more ›


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