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A lot goes into managing the ‘people’ side of any organisation. Aside from all the usual admin like writing job descriptions and employment agreements, there’s the crucial task of building a culture that leaves your people genuinely motivated to help you succeed.  

So don’t take all that on your own shoulders; instead, outsource to a team of experts.


Stapleton Consulting’s team of HR specialists have the expertise and resources to help you build an employment journey that sets you and your people up for success. We remove obstacles to growth, work with you to find the best path forward, and support you in creating a work environment that inspires your people
to excel.

From full HR management to strategic advice for busy HR and Executive teams, choose the services that will best benefit your business: no matter what you need, we’ve got what it takes to help. 


HR and Employment Services when you need them

Employee Relations and Problem-Solving

Maintaining positive, trusting relationships with your employees has never been more crucial or complex in a world of remote working and flexible work arrangements.


Strategic Talent Search and Recruitment

We’ve got our eye on the big picture. We’ll help you and your executive build the team you need right now, but we’ll also work with you to plan for the expertise your organisation will need in the future.



People Strategy and Culture

We walk a mile in everybody’s shoes: that’s how we can create a
path to an employment journey that brings everyone along.

Organisational Development and Change

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it does need to happen. We
take the time to understand where you want to be, so that together
we can craft a strategic roadmap  to get there.

Pay and Benefits

From setting the right salary for a role to designing benefit
programmes that engage, activate and inspire your staff, our team is
here to get your money working for you.


We’ll help you find
the right path

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do together to smooth the employment journey.