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The Covid-19 Leave Payments and Subsidies Guide

7 March 2022

Here is your guide to navigating the leave and subsidies It seems Omi has been getting all too friendly with the general population lately.  Clients are reporting many falling ill in the past…


The Vaccination Change Guide

12 November 2021

Covid government policy changes keep people like HR and H&S Consultants need. We know that negotiating your way through HR issues can feel overwhelming and full of anxiety. If, after the…


If you were this employer what would you choose – A or B or C?

6 April 2021

If you were this employer what would you choose – A or B or C? Your current inventory system is causing more headaches and the reports it spits out require hours of manipulation to get the…

Got changes planned this year?

1 April 2021

Have you got changes planned for your business or team this year? I know it can feel challenging and have often heard these phrases repeated: “I just want to make it happen without the… Read more ›

The Change Game.

15 March 2021

I am excited to be launching my first ever online learning course – The Change Game. For those who may have a restructure looming on the horizon this course is designed so we can guide you…

The pace of change

26 January 2021

When to make a change and how quickly to move  The January blog about cadence generated quite the response.  My thoughts seems to have given many…

Intro Series Part 5 – What can we offer you and the value?

11 June 2018

This time last year I created a website for Stapleton Consulting. At the time I had the intention of producing interesting updates and sharing information on all things… Read more ›


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