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Your on-call people and capability specialists

At Stapleton Consulting, we believe in the power of clarity to drive HR decisions.  Our objective-focused approach ensures that your organisation is primed for success in employment relations, people strategy, and beyond. 

We work with you to harness the potential of a clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP), streamline your recruitment, and set strong governance foundations. With our practical implementation solutions, we don’t just strategise – we deliver tangible results. 

Check out the specialties we cover:



Navigating today’s employment landscape

With remote work and alternative / flexible working arrangements becoming an increasingly common feature of today’s employment landscape, it’s essential that your people are equipped to perform and be productive no matter what the future brings. In this new agility-focused environment, maintaining positive, trusting relationships with your employees has never been more important or complex


Employment as a journey

As a strategic HR consultancy, we consider the whole employment journey rather than just responding to issues as they arise.

While we look to resolve issues swiftly, we know that building a resilient, healthy employment environment prevents many of these issues from cropping up in the first place.




We bring perspective

Every employer knows to expect the unexpected – but how do you
plan for
something you’re not expecting? Our objective insights and perspective make it easier for you to get on top of potential problems long before they arrive.  

Get the experts on it

With all the different hats you must wear as an employer or business
it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But when you have a team of HR experts who can offer fresh
perspectives and aren’t afraid to say it how it is, your job becomes that much easier. Leave the complexities of HR to the people who know it inside out: We’ll set you on the path to becoming an employer that people are fighting to work for.


People, Strategy and Culture 

Our greatest strength at Stapleton Consulting is our ability to step into your shoes, and the shoes of your people, providing a perspective that builds connection. 


Building great employment journeys

People’s experience of your organisation matters.

It can build up or torpedo your reputation as an employer and significantly impact the quality of talent that you attract. We dig deep to really understand that experience – from recruitment to onboarding to ongoing development – and to understand how their experience impacts how engaged they are and how long they’re likely to stick around.

Our experts look for fresh, unique ways to design and deliver on better employment journeys that help you keep people in their roles for  longer – crafting succession plans to keep your organisation humming if they ever decide to move on.



Creating cultures that connect

Company culture isn’t made overnight.

It’s the sum of all the little actions and interactions between people and teams over a long period. But over the many years of working with an incredibly diverse range of organisations, we’ve discovered essential key ingredients affecting a positive culture shift. Great workplace culture doesn’t happen by chance: it comes from strategic design.


Embracing change

Change is rarely easy, but it’s essential for any business to grow and thrive.

So what does good change look like? The best change processes bring those affected into the loop, giving them a chance to understand and engage with the  purpose behind the change. Not only that: those affected by change can be brought into the design process. With a bit of co-creation or even crowdsourcing,  your team can collaborate to produce some amazing outcomes.

Once your team has engaged with the change design, people can then be aligned to roles to ensure a capable execution. After all, the change process is just  the beginning: following through on what you set out to achieve is where the real work happens.



Inspiring change from within

We’ll clear the way to positive change, working alongside you to define your vision and equipping you with the tools and strategies to bring it to life. At the same  time, we’ll help you build a culture which inspires your people to join you on the journey, bringing them onboard with your vision and energising them for the  future.

Governance and Executive

When you need an employment and capability expert at the table, who will bring keen insight and say it like it is, get in touch with Stapleton Consulting.


An authentic, expert voice

We support a growing list of Stapleton Consulting’s clients at the executive and governance levels via recruitment campaigns or in a strategic advisory capacity.  

When your Board or Board sub-committee needs an employment and capability expert, contact us. Catherine brings a holistic and refreshingly ‘real’ approach, paired with a deep understanding of people-related risks and mitigation strategies. Her expert knowledge and incisive mind can keep any CEO or Senior Executive on their toes and prompt even the most self-assured to consider the ‘people’ implications of their decisions and management proposals.  


Stapleton Consulting’s executive and director recruitment services
have an excellent reputation with clients and candidates. Our
processes are meticulously professional, with all candidates
receiving excellent communication regardless of whether or not
they’re shortlisted.

We take the time to understand the skills matrix of your Board, what kind of expertise you need around the Board table, and why. We also get to grips with the vision and purpose of the business, what challenges are on the horizon, and which skills you need at the table to effectively navigate those challenges.  


Your Employer Value Proposition

The experience and organisational knowledge of long-term employees have massive business value – you don’t want to lose out on that if you can help it. We identify what makes it great to work for you and promote your business to potential candidates and your existing team members.

Be unique.  Retention that works for you.  Every team is different, so we’ll help you enhance your employee value proposition in ways that work for your people. We get to know your team and what’s important to them and develop unique benefit programmes that suit their needs and your budget.

We can then use this suite of benefits to promote your business to prospective candidates and to remind your current team that they have things pretty good.


Money talks

It’s not the only thing that employees care about, but money does play an important part in employee retention. The key is creating a space where you and your people can be confident that the pay is fair for the job. That’s where we come in. With our industry and recruitment expertise, we’ll help you set the right salary for a role. We’ll also help you to future-proof, working with accountants and other specialists to model pay increases against market averages.


Life beyond work

Employment benefits aren’t just ‘nice to have’ anymore. People are putting an increasing degree of importance on non-salary benefits like flexible working arrangements, health insurance, and extra leave. We’ll work with you to make sure your people feel like they’re valued as humans, with their lives outside work factored into the equation.


An ear to the ground

We get your people to share what well-being and health means, ensure they know what resources are available, and design organisation-wide initiatives to directly support their physical, mental, and spiritual health or hauora. When we marry legislation standards with the genuine needs of your team, you end up with people who are free to do their best work, confident in the knowledge that you have their back.


We’ll help you find
the right path

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