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Industry Update: Sick Leave Entitlements Have Increased

It has happened.
It will be effective this Saturday, 24 July 2021.
Sick leave entitlements have increased.

Sick leave entitlements will increase to 10 days per annum for all employees at their next anniversary date. The maximum number of days that can be accrued stays the same at 20 days and any new employee’s will become entitled after their first 6 months.

You are already behind the eight ball if you have not been talking with your people about these changes, and it is also a good opportunity to have a conversation and find out the answers of these questions:

  1. What are the typical sick leave patterns in our business?
  2. What are the reasons people use for taking sick leave?
  3. What is the impact on our business?
  4. What does a healthy workplace and healthy employment relationships mean for us and what does this look like?
  5. How can we talk about health and wellbeing in our business?
  6. What support do our people really need?

When changes like this happen, you can update your employment agreements and policies from 5 days to 10 days and leave it at that. If you have done this, great, but I also want to add you are missing an opportunity to create real value and gold (i.e. money). There is huge value by having conversations that start with asking these questions. Mainly because your people want to contribute and have a voice. Increase your retention by asking the questions and then do nothing but listen and reflect. It is only after this that you want to consider taking action.

Our health and wellbeing – our hauora – has different definitions to different people. So what is the common definition of hauora in your team and is this well-understood?

This is our 3rd of 3 updates, and now its time to BREATHE…

With so many details included in the three updates, and more information still to come from various agencies, lets focus on what you can control and influence.  Most of the information we are waiting on we can’t control. Instead, focus your precious attention on your 6-month employer to-do list so you’re prepared for when change does happen.

2021 is about being organised and well supported when thinking about employment matters, productivity and your workplace culture.

Now more than even, you need a knowledgeable and strategic team of advisors to spread the load and help you to get through what may seem an anxiety inducing to-do list. 

Check out what our clients have on their radar for the next 6 months that should also be on your to-do list.

Your Employer to-do list:

  1. Clean up your financials and management reports with your accountant
  2. Review and tidy up your client terms and contracts with your lawyer
  3. Get on top of your employment documentation and update these with practical strategic HR advice
  4. With your HR team, have a look at what you pay your people and develop benchmarks for roles
  5. Then with your accountant, model the impacts of your employee pay and benchmarks
  6. Have conversations with your teams about workplace culture and what healthy really means
  7. Take a strategic look at your talent pipeline and strategies for attraction and retention, do you have the means to hire people in time for when you need them
Are you hyperventilating just thinking about this list? Are you thinking of selling your business after reading this? Or does throwing a branded old xmas gift at the wall seem quite attractive now?

Let’s slow down.  Take a breath.  Then call me – 021 069 1913.

We have an insightful employment journey discovery audit that can help give you the clarity you need.  This discovery audit goes far deeper than your documentation.

Our discovery audits look into the full employment journey including your culture, your decision making and workplace communication. We seek views and opinions from your employees, your business leaders and then look at the documentation and your practices. 

Are your interested in discovering what is below the surface and getting clarity for your employment journey?  You never know you may find a pot of gold waiting for you.