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Got changes planned this year?

Have you got changes planned for your business or team this year?

I know it can feel challenging and have often heard these phrases repeated:

“I just want to make it happen without the issues.”
“The people are hard to deal with.”
“I hope we do this right.”
“If only people would get on board.”
“How do we make sure we don’t miss anything.”
“They won’t like it but it has to happen.”

Most people I deal with see change as frustrating and get a headache?- but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most think that change itself is what makes it hard. What I’ve found is that it’s usually because of a lack of preparation and a clear plan.

That’s why I’ve distilled my years of experience into an online course for youTHE CHANGE GAME.






This course is designed so you can navigate every step of your change process and do things the best way possible with your people in mind.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • A clear map of your change process
  • A communication plan for all key stages of the change
  • Resources and tools to help you each step of the way

I’m opening up the Pilot Program for 10 people to go through it with me.  You’ll get more access to me as part of our VIP group and I’ll work with you to answer your questions and ensure you get huge value.


The investment is half the usual fee, at $750.


The kick off date is Monday 12 April.


To register your interest click HERE and I can send you more details.




A bit more about DIY HR:
The Change Game is the first course in our new suite of courses for our DIY HR platform. An online learning solution for employers and managers focused on guiding them through the HR and employment journey.  It is an online service where you can access wise HR counsel, participate in 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me and have access to the resources you need, as you work through those tricky HR processes – restructures, recruitment, inductions, performance reviews, disciplinary meetings or development of that new HR policy.

Click HERE to get more info about THE CHANGE GAME.