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filling your bucket

Have you filled your bucket lately?

One the weekend I received a well timed invite to a BBQ.  I was solo parenting that weekend and a chance to relax with like-minds while the kids played sounded perfect.  When I was leaving the BBQ after a good catch up and discussion about all things from kids to business to family and work, my friend reminded me that we have to make time for the things that fill our buckets.  This wonderful lady is a great friend.  She was referring to the things that keep you feeling and acting positive.   

What is bucket-filling? 

  • Bucket-filling is a term used in education to refer to positive attitudes and behaviour. 
  • It relies on the analogy that every person carries with them an invisible bucket.  
  • This bucket contains a person’s feelings and emotions.  
  • When the bucket is full, this represents us feeling happy and contented.  
  • However, when it is empty, we feel low, upset and dissatisfied.  
  • Bucket-fillers are those who act in a way that fills another person’s bucket and refers to those who practise kindness and good behaviour. 

The analogy comes from the book How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton. (source – www.twinkl.co.nz) 

how full is your bucket

August was another month where it didn’t quite go as planned.  The prospect of level 3 earlier in the month meant we had to drop tools and get organised for the possibility what we didn’t want did actually happen.  This led to a high-pressure stressful few days, and a week of coming down and getting comfortable with the reality that we weren’t going to level 3.  It was the status quo.  When 3 out of our 4 team members have young children, you can imagine the relief and internal celebration we were having.   Keeping your bucket full while on the C-19 rollercoaster takes discipline and patience.     

The following week, I realised that eating chocolate is enjoyable but it only keeps my bucket full for so long.   I need a few other ideas. 

On Monday, as the rollercoaster was starting to come down, I briefly spoke to a client who I have a call booked with.  He asked to postpone it to the following day.  He had taken himself home due to a severe headache.   Just goes to show how our bodies as well as our minds can respond.  I gave him a few kind words and put our call off until the next day.   

This rollercoaster we are all experiencing will have different highs, lows, twists and turns for each of us.  What we call the soft or fluffy stuff, is actually the hard stuff.  It is hard because we may have to change our routine or our mindset to get things back in balance and stop our world from spinning.    We also have to take notice and understand the ride others may be having, as this may explain their weird change in behaviour and attitude.  

I am writing about this as several people I have connected with recently, whether it be through work or school or socially, have commented how tired and rundown they feel, and are in need of a holiday.  Me included.  I am hanging out for some time away to rest and reset.  Without this time, I know the creativity won’t come so easily and burnout is a real possibility.   I anticipate this mini-break will fill my bucket right up and get me through to the next break over labour weekend and Christmas.  I am also planning a few fun things for the team so we can fill our buckets together.  What have you got planned?