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Intro Series Part 5 - What can we offer you and the value?

CatherineStapleton_3This time last year I created a website for Stapleton Consulting. At the time I had the intention of producing interesting updates and sharing information on all things employment related.  As a recent new comer to self-employment, 2017 was a good year for learning and getting work done.  However, 2017 came to an end and I never managed to publish any updates or establish a social media presence.  There are many reasons for this but now that it is 2018, I am not going to let another year go by, particularly when this year is already showing signs of being one of change for the employment landscape, thanks to the Labour Government putting their bill for changing trial periods, rest and meal breaks and union involvement.

In June Stapleton Consulting will be two years old!  So, before I launch into an update and begin blogging about HR tips and tricks, I would like to use my first blog series to answer the frequently asked questions I get often after telling people what I do – Why did you go out on your own? What made you keep doing it? What work do you do? What is HR?  What of kind businesses do you work with?  What services do we offer and how much?

So here goes……our final installment, part 5

Part Five – What service offerings can you expect from us and how much?

We have a range of small business support packages available for the provision of human resources, recruitment, health and safety and payroll.

These packages are based on a monthly retainer for a set amount of support hours.  These packages are suitable for businesses that have the systems already set up and established but require on-call advice and support by way of coaching, document preparation or annual policy reviews for example.

If you don’t use all your hours in any one month, these can be rolled over to the following month.  Any unused hours expire after six months.  On the other hand, if you happen to need extra support during any one month, it will be charged at our ad-hoc flat hourly rate.

  • Monthly support package prices start from $395 (excluding GST), with a minimum term of three months
  • An initial payroll support setup fee is applicable at the time of engagement, with a low monthly processing fee starting from $150 (excluding GST)
  • Our recruitment support packages are inclusive of advertising costs and are tailored to your needs for a fixed period of either three, six or twelve months.
  • The ability to add on different software solutions to make managing your HR, Payroll and H&S easier

Need to overhaul and update what you currently have?

We love getting involved in new business start-ups and change or process review projects.  If you haven’t looked at your HR, payroll or H&S systems and documentation for a while, because you have been too busy to give it the attention it needs or it is not getting followed, then chances are it is not working well and it is costing you time and money, and may be putting your business at risk.

If this sounds like your business, then we can meet with you to discuss your needs, conduct an initial audit and provide some recommendations.   We evaluate and cost each project slightly differently, as every business is unique, and we are very aware that cashflow needs to be considered too.  The project investment is often spread over the term of the project by way of an agreed limit of monthly hours, similar to our support services.

These types of projects are often spread out over 3, 6 months or 12 months so there is a real opportunity for processes to be tested, issues to come to the fore and staff to be trained.  We don’t just give you a manual and leave you to it.

Once things are working smoothly and are up to date, we can transition you onto a monthly retainer package.  That way it gets maintained and your investment doesn’t depreciate.  Being on the monthly retainer means we are on-hand to check in and keep things on track, as well as anticipate change and keep it current.

Got a problem or question and just need to get it sorted?

Our ad-hoc hourly rates for HR services start from $135+gst and we are open to negotiating different payment options.  H&S and Payroll ad hoc rates are negotiable based on the industry and nature of the work.

With all new clients, the initial introduction or scoping meeting (30-45mins) is always free of charge.

We also offer have a partnerships with a psychometric testing provider and can conduct reference checking services via an online tool.  Check out our services for more details.

Have we got you thinking about HR, H&S and Payroll in your business.  Get in contact now.

Please complete the contact form below and we will book in a time to meet and suss out how we can help and be your trusted side kick.


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