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covid leave options – as many as there are covid variants

Ready to download your guide to navigating the covid-19 leave and subsidies?


Here is your guide to navigating the leave and subsidies

It seems Omi has been getting all too friendly with the general population lately.  Clients are reporting many falling ill in the past week to 10 days, and have either stop work for a few days or are simply running on a skeleton crew.  The spike has yet to come too.  

There are leave subsidies still available for those who are unable to work because they are ill or have been told to self-isolate.  And to figure out how to respond to the various scenarios that can crop up, we have put together this handy resource to help you navigate this tricky part of the employment journey for 2022.

If you have already had people off due to our mate CoronaV then you may already be a pro, but for many of us, this could be the first time.  When you have multiple people off, and if some don’t have any paid leave entitlements available, it could be a sensitive conversation.

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