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The Change Game



Winning The Change Game.

With a restructure looming large on the horizon, it can sometimes feel like a giant boulder rolling towards you, or a fast-approaching waterfall. In times like these, choosing the wrong course of action could easily see things get rocky – but how can you know what the right choice is?

Well, that’s exactly what this course is for. The DIY HR Change Game Course takes you through, step by step, each important conversation and decision around restructuring. By the end, you’ll feel fully prepared and equipped to navigate these potentially tricky waters and will be able to make the choices that bring your adventure to a successful conclusion.

Be one of our first five enrolments to receive a 50% discount and pay only $750*. Being one of the first enrollees means you will also have extra access to Catherine and the opportunity to feedback.

The first course is available now, we can’t wait to see you there!

DIY HR is our sister brand. When Catherine found herself having similar conversations with frustrated business leaders, she created DIY HR. DIY HR is an online learning platform to help you spend less time feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and more time investing in your people and expanding your business. Sometimes when you are on a journey, a great map is all you really need.

This service is eligible for Regional Business Partners funding. Please enquire to find out if you qualify.

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