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HR Discovery Audit

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Your HR adventure is about to begin.

Our HR Discovery Audit is a tool that helps your organisation compare the employment journey with your business priorities, and plan for how to attract, select, develop, and retain great talent.

Through a process of investigation and interviews, we take a thorough look at your current employment journey and identify opportunities that can improve your employee retention.

Our investigation goes well beyond checking your documents are compliant. Your culture and values are on the list too.

If your business goals will involve growing your team, it’s important to understand where you stand before you start advertising on the job sites. Where will the people come from? How will you develop and keep them? What makes you different from your competitors? And how will you replace them when they do move on?

Very few things in business work well without a plan; growing and keeping an amazing team is no exception.

This service is eligible for Regional Business Partners funding. Please enquire to find out if you qualify.

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