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Simplifying HR

About us

About Us

Who We Are

Here’s what we believe: jobs can change people’s lives for the better.

When a person is in a role that keeps them engaged, has a team they enjoy working with, and is with an organisation that supports them to grow and develop, they’re not going anywhere.

That’s what we want for your organisation.

creating clarity, removing barriers

Our mission is to make HR services simple, clear and accessible, helping you understand the big picture of your organisation and the people in it, and create strategies for you to succeed.

At our core, we’re your partners and guides through the HR forest (which can at times be hard to find your way through!). We work with you to remove obstacles, create clarity, and provide a clear pathway forward.

The most successful businesses take a strategic approach to HR, manage change effectively, and create positive employment experiences.

If you’re asking yourself the big questions like, “how do we grow more from what we have, but also keep what we have for as long as we can?”, then let’s talk.

Seeking sustainable growth?

Rapid business growth is exciting – but it’s also a danger zone for many businesses. What got your business here, may not necessarily take you there.

More than anything, you need a plan for your business to grow sustainably and effectively. We can help you strengthen your systems and processes, make sure your business has the right mix of people and skills, and work out a solid strategic growth plan.

And if your end goal is to step back or move on, we can also help you plan for succession and continuity, so your business can carry on with someone else’s guidance.

need to develop effective leadership?

Moving from being a ‘doer’ to a ‘leader’ – or from a team member to a team leader – usually means you need a new set of tools and techniques.  The most effective managers are ones that are well-supported, and who are always ready and willing to develop their skills.

We can help you – and members of your team – understand more about the true role of a team leader, the impact they can have, and how to lead in a way that inspires the people around them.

Muddled strategic HR plan?

The business world has been shaken up, and many businesses are adapting to a different future. If your board or leadership team are considering making significant changes, our team of strategic HR consultants can help to support your organisation as you plan, prepare and design for the future.

Our team can also help you deliver on your HR strategy and guide your organisation through change, taking care of the big projects while also managing the day-to-day.

meet us

Our team

Our Waikato based team delivers HR support at all levels, including HR strategy, organisational development, change management, recruitment, employee relations and to day-to-day HR administration. We work across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions.

Big picture thinkers

We think big, looking beyond the present and instead looking at what could be. We think of HR as a strategic tool for clients to achieve their vision and goals. We call it being ‘maverick’ – finding creative solutions to problems, and extending the scope of what you think is possible.

Clarity creators

We create clarity, remove barriers, and look for peaceful resolutions to conflict. We bring a different perspective, where our actions are based on reason instead of emotion, and provide clear and adaptable roadmaps and processes.

Intentional achievers

When someone needs us, we’re there. Everything we say and do is for a purpose. We work with the big picture in mind, taking small incremental steps towards our goals, and our clients’, and constantly seeking out tools and methods that will help get us there.

Catherine Stapleton

Lead Employment and Capability Consultant

Intentional, strategic, quick-thinker, listener, advisor, maverick.

Catherine leads the team at Stapleton Consulting. She’s passionate about extending the capabilities of her clients, their business and their teams, and helping them see what they can achieve through their employment journey. Catherine is always open for a thought-provoking, insightful conversation about employment, culture and how to help businesses realise their potential.

HRNZ, IOD, Mental Health First Responder

021 069 1913

Samantha Frederick

Business Support Lead

Pragmatic, calm, open, smart, witty.

Samantha is an experienced and efficient executive assistant, project manager and system admin who ensures Stapleton Consulting runs like a well-oiled machine. Samantha is passionate about partnering with clients as their strategic HR support system, adding value at every level. For Samantha, the buzz comes from seeing clients realise the results that can be achieved through good systems and workflow, and great communication.

021 852 985

John Brosnan

Employment and Capability Consultant

Calm, quick-thinking, friendly, astute, engaging.

John is an experienced HR consultant and business mentor, and an accredited primary industry consultant. Supporting clients across a range of HR challenges, John brings an assertive and calm approach to facilitating outcomes for employers and employees. John is a quick-thinker with a knack for identifying risks and potential pitfalls before they arise.

NZIPIM Certified
People Management Consultant

021 508 128

Pip Bickerdike

Employment and Capability Consultant

Approachable, knowledgeable, pragmatic, curious, outcomes focused.

Pip has a broad range of HR Consulting experience across a range of industries in NZ, Australia and the UK. She loves to build relationships with clients and to see their businesses succeed through people. Pip brings a calm and pragmatic approach to problem solving, and is a trusted advisor in the businesses she works in.

07 2420 447

Ashlea Murphy

Legal Consultant

Knowledgeable, questioning, organised, attentive, cheerful.

Ashlea is an experienced lawyer with more than 10 years’ experience in both in-house and private practice law, and she’s an incredible multi-tasker as she juggles law, farming, and parenting. Ashlea brings a wealth of legal and employment knowledge to Stapleton Consulting, and loves to apply her knowledge to solve clients’ HR challenges

07 2420 447

Connected and resourceful

Our service providers

We work with a network of HR service providers,
providing you with seamless access to specialised expertise and tools, when you need it.

Part of the community

We give back

We are proud to call the Waikato our home, and we love to be involved in community groups, sporting groups and organisations outside of the HR world.

Helping job seekers

We also know that having a meaningful job can make a huge impact on someone’s health and wellbeing. That’s why we often help job seekers and employees access recruitment support at minimal or no cost.

Sharing our knowledge

We also believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with young people as they prepare to enter the workforce. Our team often talk to young people about HR, what it means for them as an employee, and how to navigate the recruitment process.

Let’s connect

Looking for a way through that HR forest?

Our team of energetic, understanding, and straight-talking HR experts will help.  We can help you find new ways to get the best team members, solidify your vision, and take care of the day-to-day as well.

Let’s have a free, no-obligation chat about your HR challenges and how we can help your business succeed through its people.

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