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People Strategy and Culture


Our biggest strength at Stapleton Consulting is our ability to step into the shoes of you and your people, and to see the employment journey from all sides.

Creating cultures that connect


Your culture is the essence of who you are – as a team, a workplace, and a business, and it plays an incredibly important role in keeping people engaged and on your team for longer. It’s the sum of the little actions and interactions between people and teams that happen over a long time.

A successful culture is built around a common purpose (your why) and shared values. We help businesses understand their why, and design and build cultures that connect, inspire and engage.

Building great employment journeys


People’s experience of your organisation matters. It can build or torpedo your reputation as an employer, and have a significant impact on the talent you attract.

So we dig deep to understand their experience – from recruitment, to onboarding, to their ongoing development – and how this journey impacts their engagement and retention.

We look for unique and fresh ways to design and build better employment journeys that help you keep people in their roles for longer – with succession plans in place to keep your organisation humming if they ever decide to move on.

HR Discovery Audit


Our HR Discovery Audit is a tool that helps your organisation compare the employment journey with your business priorities, and plan for how to attract, select, develop and retain great talent.

Retaining employees isn’t just important because it’s a hassle to onboard new ones. Good long-term employees are a major asset, because they carry not just experience in their roles, but a wealth of institutional knowledge and a deep understanding of all the parts of your organisation.

Through a process of investigation and interviews, we take a thorough look at your current employment journey and identify opportunities that can improve your employee retention.

If your business goals will involve growing your team, it’s important to understand this before you start advertising on the job sites. Where will the people come from? How will you develop and keep them? What makes you different from your competitors?
And how will you replace them if and when they do move on?

Very few things in business work well without a plan;
growing and keeping an amazing team is no exception.

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