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Pay and Benefits


but the conversation has to happen at some point.
We have help you set the right salary for a role, and create benefit programmes that inspire people to join – and stick with – your team.

A good days pay


Money isn’t the only thing employees care about, but it’s important for both you and your people to know that the pay is fair for the job: ‘a good day’s pay for a good day’s work’. Using our recruitment and industry knowledge, we can help you set the right salary for a role, and work with accountants and other specialists to model pay increases against market averages.

Unique retention strategies


But there’s more to it than where a person sits in a salary band. Research shows that other benefits like health insurance, extra leave, and flexible working arrangements can be more important to people than their salary or hourly rate. Pay is one part of the equation, but people are more likely to stay when they’re treated as a person with a life outside of work.

Value life outside work


At Stapleton Consulting, we help you find creative ways to enhance your employee value proposition. We work with teams to identify what’s important to them, and develop unique benefits programmes that suit their needs and your budget.

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