What’s on offer

Employment services tailored especially for you that you can buy.  Today.

Subscription Services 

Stapleton Consulting annual subscriptions are ideal for Clients who are in the thick of it and want to give us a call or email there and then to check something out.  Contact us at anytime of the year, and not worry about the bill.  Our annual subscriptions start from $80 per month, for 12 months, and can be paid monthly or up-front.  You choose.

The Comfort Blanket

6 hours per annum – $80 per month 

Get advice from your HR side-kick in a hurry.  This is ideal for Clients who want to pick up the phone and ask us the odd payroll query, advice on what to do or to check over a contentious employee email or letter.    

Middle of the Road

10 hours per annum – $130 per month 

Got an idea or need to make some changes and want some advice before you start?  This subscription is perfect if you need on-call advice for those annoying grey areas of employment or if you need coaching for a courageous conversation.  You can have the right balance with regular 45 minute sessions each month, or save it up for bimonthly 1.5 hour sessions or a project.

Best of Both

12 hours per annum – $155 per month 

This is the best of both in HR.  Great for Clients who have a HR project or a goal to achieve this year, and still want access to ad-hoc advice.  Have 1 hour sessions with your HR side-kick each month or bank it up for the project.  You choose.    


Employment Agreements 

Your employer adventure starts with being clear what is on offer, the terms and the rules. 

Employment agreements can be your insurance policy for when those unexpected things happen.  It answers questions, gives direction and clarity when things are not so clear and you can’t see the forest for the trees.


HR Discovery Audit

Your HR adventure is about to begin.

Are you tired of making your HR decisions on the fly?  When you participate in our comprehensive HR Discovery Audit, we’ll spend 3-4 hours listening to your key staff share their employment experiences and challenges or ideas for the future. Using our established Employee Journey framework we will share with you, what you need to get through the short term, and what ideas we have to help you achieve your goals and make that vision become reality.



All prices quoted here are exclusive of GST.  All services quoted here are subject to our general terms and conditions and our subscriptions services are for a minimum of 12 months.