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Health and Safety


Stapleton Consulting help you grow safer,
happier and healthier workplaces and teams.

Healthy and happy people


Great health and safety strategies are about more than ticking boxes. Yes, legislation is important, but looking at the organisation as a whole matters too. For an organisation to thrive, its people have to be looked after. Healthy and happy people make for a positive work culture.

Everything’s interconnected, so we help businesses find ways to both meet their health and safety standards and develop a holistic approach to wellbeing.

The meaning of health. Our hauora.


Engaging your people in conversations about what wellbeing and health mean, making sure they know what’s available to them, or designing organisation-wide initiatives to directly support their hauora – their physical, mental and spiritual health, is all part of marrying legislation with who our teams are.

Because when people know their organisation’s got their back, they feel free to do their best work.

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