Job Hunter Support Services

Terms and Conditions of Engagement

The Job Hunter Support Services Terms and Conditions will apply where you are engaging us to provide services relating to your participation in a recruitment process as a candidate, the development of a personal brand or marketing strategy for attracting potential employers and the development of documents relating to such services (e.g. online professional network profiles, resumes and job application covering letters).

The Job Hunter Support Services Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with our General Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

Our Relationship with You – the Job Hunter

When you engage us to assist you to search for a new job or to attract potential new employers, our relationship is with you, the Candidate.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, we will not provide you with Job Hunter Support Services while your application is under consideration for a vacancy listed by Stapleton Consulting on behalf of a Client (the “Recruitment Client”).  If you do apply or express interest in a Recruitment Client’s job vacancy, we are obligated to cease or suspend our Job Hunter Support Services in progress and inform the Recruitment Client that you have received these services from us.

We will suspend our Job Hunter Support Services until such time that you no longer have a relationship with the Recruitment Client.  Should the provision of Job Hunter Support Services cease, we will determine the amount owed by you to us based on the services used up until our services are suspended. The amount payable will be calculated on a flat hourly rate basis.

We acknowledge that when we are providing our Job Hunter Support Services to you that we will develop an in-depth understanding of your expertise, skills and previous work experience.  When you apply for a vacancy with a Recruitment Client, we will not disclose information or details to the Recruitment Client that have been obtained via other means outside of the recruitment process.  This ensures all candidates are given an equal opportunity during the recruitment process.

We are not obligated to make you aware of any vacancies being managed by Stapleton Consulting.  We may only do so at our sole discretion.  We will not refer you or share your personal information to any of our clients, without your express prior consent.

Job Hunter Support Services Fees

Job Hunter Support Services will be provided on a flat hourly rate basis and will be charged in 15-minute increments.  The initial meeting/conversation (usually 15mins) is always free of charge; any subsequent meetings are chargeable and are either included as part of the service package selected or are additional to any estimates and proposals.

Payment Terms

Where you are engaging us to provide Job Hunter Support Services, the Job Hunter Support Services Payment Terms set out below prevail over the General Terms and Conditions of Engagement Payment Terms.

We will send you an invoice for our fees within 7 days of your acceptance of the Client Proposal.  Payment is to be made within 7 days of the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing (“the Due Date”).


If payment is outstanding for more 14 days after the Due Date, we may cease or suspend the Work until either the account is paid, or a repayment plan is mutually agreed and is recorded in writing.

We have the right to hold all documents, notes and other work completed on your behalf (except for information or documents provided by you), until payment is received in full for such items.

We may, at our sole discretion, charge a re-establishment administration fee of $250.00 (excluding GST) upon re-commencing the Work once payment has been made.

We may, at our sole discretion, allocate any payment received from you towards any invoice and may do so at the time of receipt or at any time afterwards and on default by you may allocate any payments previously received and allocated.  In the absence of any payment allocation by us, payment shall be deemed to be allocated in such manner as preserves the maximum value of our interest.

We may, at our sole discretion, charge you interest of 1.5% (18% per annum) each month calculated daily on invoices you have not paid by the Due Date.

Any expenses, disbursements and legal costs incurred by us in the enforcement of any rights contained in these Terms and Conditions and/or any Specialist Services Terms and Conditions and/or any terms and conditions of engagement mutually agreed between us and you in writing, shall be paid by you including any reasonable solicitor’s fees and/or debt collection agency fees.

Completion of Work

We will use our best endeavours to complete all documents required by you to participate in the recruitment process within a reasonable time.