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HR Assist

hr assist

Find the employment resources and templates
you and your people need to cover the HR fundamentals.

At Stapleton Consulting we know that in our industry understanding is essential and clarity is power.

At the heart of having understanding and being clear on your employer responsibilities, are the right tools and information.

Without your own HR team, it can be hard to figure out what to do in tricky employment situations. Is that job description template you googled really effective? What do you do about that employee who’s decided not to turn up to work for a couple days? Where do you go for advice?

This is where HR Assist comes in.  It is your virtual employment toolkit.

New to Stapleton Consulting in 2022, HR Assist is your portal to guides, template letters, online forms, process maps, and on-call consultancy support.

Subscription based fees spread the cost throughout the year, and you get the confidence that we’re ready and waiting to guide and coach you through, whenever you need it.

Perfect for businesses that need employment resources on tap, HR Assist helps to take the heavy lifting out of HR decision making and administration.

In a nutshell, HR Assist provides:

Easy access HR forms and templates you can use with or without our help

This subscription includes access to the portal for unlimited users at your organisation, unlimited storage of HR templates, guides, and polices, and a minimum of two hours consultancy help each month.

Guides, videos and examples on how to navigate key HR processes

HR Assist also gives you access to blog links, external online resources, and short educational videos.

Flexible consultancy hours options and other consultancy service add-ons

We can be your oncall support or help you with refining content after you’ve implemented it.

Your monthly subscription includes

  • Unlimited document & template creation
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited users
  • 2 hours of general employment advisory support each month
  • Roll-over of advisory hours for a maximum of 3 months


Your implementation includes an employment practices sense check.  As part of this sense check, you share with us your policies, agreements, and house rules for example.  We conduct interviews with the main operations leader and the person who does the employment-related administration and payroll.

From the sense check we will know where you stand, what work needs to be done and whether you need everything the system has to offer.  You don’t have to have it all if you don’t need it.

consultancy add ons

You can request more advisory support as you need it each month.  Fees for additional advisory support can be requested in 2-hour increments each month or if you don’t want to be locked in more than you need, then not to worry,you can pay as you go on an hourly basis.

The fine print

HR Assist is a SaaS product with advisory support included.  Not sure? You can take advantage of a 7-day trial while we work through your implementation. Cancel anytime during this trial.  No questions asked.

The subscription fees are paid monthly via direct debt, for an initial minimum term of 12 months and then monthly term thereafter.

The monthly HR Assist subscription fee level is based on your team size

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