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Welcome to the era of Talent Shortages: 5 tips for employee retention

We all know – it is hard to find good people.  It is also just as hard to keep them. The employment market is tight.  People with good technical and people skills are a hot commodity.

Here are our top tips for keeping people in your business for longer and maximizing a return on your recruitment and training investment.

  1. Let them Shine and push for incremental achievements

People enjoy having a sense of achievement in their work.  Give your staff the opportunity to make decisions or act on things.

You may want to delegate small things to start with and have them work up to the bigger things.  Remember, the quietest person in the room may have the best ideas or hidden talents.

  1. Work life balance and flexibility is a draw card for many

Unable to offer glide time or flexible working?  An alternative could be salary sacrificing for extra annual holidays. This benefit comes at only a small cost to employers.  It can also save your employees the pain of taking unpaid leave or paying for expensive school holiday programs.

  1. Carpe Diem – Act on issues

As a leader, your team need to know that you have their back and will remove obstacles preventing them from doing their job.  When a team member comes to you with a problem or an issue, take the time to listen and understand them.  Then take action and report back to them on what you have done.  If it can’t be resolved or controlled, then level with them and work together on they can get around it and get on with their work.

  1. Hire the right people for the job and the culture

It is well known, people leave their jobs because of who they work with, not just because of the pay.  Keep in mind that your past and present employees are best form of marketing and promotion.  How can they promote you more?

No-one enjoys working with a colleague or manager who is incompetent or rude.   Be clear on what you need for a job and invest in your attraction, recruitment and induction strategies.

  1. Work Environment

Does your office environment may be looking tired and need a lick of paint?  Maybe it is time to invest in your work environment.  The way your design and layout your office has more influence over the team dynamics, communication and culture, than you think.

Ask your team what they would like in the office more.  If you don’t have millions or have a difficult landlord, updates could be as simple as more plants, or colour on the walls.


Got you thinking this will cost you lots in money and time?  Maybe but how does it compare to time and money spent on recruitment and training?  Retention strategies do not have to cost you loads of dosh.  Ways to retain your people could be as simple as consistent team meetings or delegating more.

Our HR Discovery Audit Service is just that.  We work through an audit process and discover the hidden opportunities you can use to keep the right people in your business for longer.   Stop worrying whether your top performer is looking elsewhere or analyzing why people have left.  Focus your resources on developing reasons for them to stay.    Lets get to work so you can see the forest for the trees.


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