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That dirty c-word

That dirty c-word

Recently while driving I heard an advert and I cringed because there are many other words I would rather use than “Covid”. I’ve said it a few times and I won’t be saying it again.

I now cringe when I hear that word. Especially the phrase…”in response to Covid-19″.

I am tired of it. It doesn’t serve me. Put it in your news headline or email subject line and I won’t read it. I’ve disconnected unless it directly affects me. I have a ‘lets muck in and get on with it’ approach to a crisis or challenge. Don’t dwell on it. Get on with it.

In making this decision to do away with that C word, I have come to realise that with all this happening there are many other words we are using that are getting tired. Words that I now consider as dirty words are – change – lock down – new normal – pivot. You may have noticed in a recent video I caught myself saying some of these too. Why I asked myself? I have asked others too.

What words or phrases have you been using or are tired of listening to lately?

The responses I got summed it up nicely – These words have come to represent change and uncertainty. We have had to make decisions, take actions we wouldn’t normally and respond in a way we don’t want to. It’s requiring us to do the hard stuff when we could simply just be trying to keep it together. I was going to get ahead this year. Only to feel like I am now falling behind.

We have made a few changes that we somehow fitted into our days. Do you find that when changing things your usual work seems to take longer? It can be tiring, energy sapping and requires patience.

Our changes for the rest of 2020 are:

  • “drumroll” we will be offering our services online. Book and pay for a session using your credit card there and then. Watch this space!
  • We have introduced annual consultancy subscriptions for Clients who need to check something out at anytime of the year without worrying about the bill. These start from as little as $80 per month and can be paid monthly or up-front. You choose! Head over to here to find out more.
  • Updated terms and conditions of engagement. You can find these here

We have many more exciting changes which I say are more about evolution and making incremental achievements than change [that other dirty c-word]. These were already planned. Then that dirty C-word forced us to make a decision and act – carpe diem.