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Intro Series Part 3 - Who do we work with?

CatherineStapleton_3This time last year I created a website for Stapleton Consulting. At the time I had the intention of producing interesting updates and sharing information on all things employment related.  As a recent new comer to self-employment, 2017 was a good year for learning and getting work done.  However, 2017 came to an end and I never managed to publish any updates or establish a social media presence.  There are many reasons for this but now that it is 2018, I am not going to let another year go by, particularly when this year is already showing signs of being one of change for the employment landscape, thanks to the Labour Government putting their bill for changing trial periods, rest and meal breaks and union involvement.

In June Stapleton Consulting will be two years old!  So, before I launch into an update and begin blogging about HR tips and tricks, I would like to use my first blog series to answer the frequently asked questions I often after telling people what I do – Why did you go out on your own? What made you keep doing it? What work do you do? What is HR?  What of kind businesses do you work with?  What services do we offer and how much?

So here goes……Part Three of our Introductory Series

Part three – Do you work with anyone else? Or is it just you Catherine?

Stapleton Consulting has now grown to be a team of three – Megan Frandi (HR/H&S Consultant), and me, Catherine Stapleton (Principal Consultant).

We are driven to be agile and evolve to anticipate industry change.  To do this, we need to surround ourselves with the best.  We want our service to be of a high quality and fit for purpose for our clients.   To support us we have developed a good network of consultants and specialists who specialise in organisation change, organisational psychology, employment law and health and safety.

Who do you typically work with?  What type of businesses do you work for?

We are local to Te Awamutu and typically work with small to medium (SME) businesses based in Te Awamutu and Hamilton.  Due to existing relationships, we have also expanded to include businesses in the Bay of Plenty and Australia.

We don’t have a physical office yet.  To maintain our work/life balance and the commitments that come with having young families, we work remotely, and then come together regularly to discuss work and plans for the upcoming weeks.

We don’t have a typical client profile or industry we focus on either.  We enjoy working with people from all types of industries, sizes and stages of growth.  I, particularly, enjoy partnering with business owners and senior managers to help them realise their vision for their team or business.  Bringing a group of people together and getting them to do a job and being part of a team, is not an easy task.  This why I see myself and our services as like the Robin to the Managers/CEO/MD, who are Batman.

As the manager and owner, you are it. The decision maker and leader. If things go bad you are often the one left to pick up the pieces and get things done, when your team members have moved on or are busy pointing the finger at one another.  It can be lonely at times.  And when faced with uncertainty, you still have to give your team confidence and direction through good communication. This where I find HR most valuable in small business.  We can be your trusted confidant and side kick helping you to navigate your way as a leader in your business. It is ok not to have all the answers.

I am big giving back to the community. I do this through sport as well as offering job-seeker support services and employee coaching.  I enjoy meeting and supporting individuals in their job search and helping them to navigate difficult times.

Trying to find a new job these days is not easy.  It requires you to put yourself out there, be confident in your abilities and sell yourself.  Many comment that this is not a strength and they often don’t know where to start.  Additionally, with technology now playing a big part in the recruitment process, it can be very difficult to secure the job you desire.

Our job seeker support services, aims to educate job seekers on what to expect and how to identify their ideal job or employer that matches their needs and values.  Through our coaching session(s), we will work with you to build a candidate profile and identify your unique selling points for potential employers.  If it has been a while, we can also prepare a template CV and covering letter for you.

Another area we can assist, is if you are already in a job and struggling with your manager or have found yourself asking – Have I got the raw end of the deal?  Did I miss something because I thought I meant this?  I don’t think my pay has been calculated right?

We will hear you out and provide some practical advice and tips on how to bring the situation to a resolution.  Working in HR often puts us in the position of mediator or investigator, establishing facts, and facilitating outcomes and compromises before things escalate.  We can assist you to work through the matter without it damaging your relationship with your manager and employer.  We are all human and mistakes happen.  It is what we do afterwards that reflects the true person you are, and Stapleton Consulting can be there to help you and your employer through it.

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Have we got you thinking about HR, H&S and Payroll in your business.  Get in contact now.