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Our Recruitment Services - We do things a bit differently around here

As a boutique specialist consultancy, we do things differently to standalone recruitment agencies. When you partner with us, you get across-the-board HR, recruitment, payroll and health and safety consultancy services – but we don’t charge success fees.

Why don’t we charge success fees?

Our job is to use our tools, networks and experience to find you the best candidates. Think of us as employment matchmakers – we get you together, but ultimately it’s up to you who you choose to hire, and up to the candidate to accept.

Finding the right person is more important to us than finding just any person, and we wouldn’t want our referrals and recommendations to be influenced by commissions and success fees.

Our pricing model is about as transparent as it gets. Most other agencies charge a percentage of the role’s salary plus benefits – usually 15%, but some can be 20% or more. For a role that pays $50,000, that’s a $7500 fee!

But with us you just pay a flat rate or an hourly rate, whichever works best for you, plus advertising. This makes us more cost-effective – and you know that all you’re paying for are our years of experience and networks.

How does our recruitment service work?

We tailor all our projects to suit you. Some clients like us to take care of everything, from interview to job offer. Others just need us for the headhunting and are confident to take care of the rest. So you tell us what you need.

One thing’s for sure, having someone else deal with the candidate emails and phone calls can be enough to take the pressure off.

To streamline the process and make it more reliable, our additional tools include:

  • xRef, an online reference checking tool ($295 +GST per candidate). This tool lets the candidate manage the referee contact and coordination. After the referee completes an online form we follow up with a phone call, making reference checks quicker and more robust.
  • Saville Psychometric and Competency Assessments (from $120+GST per candidate). These assessments are great for all types of roles, and quickly give you a sense of competency and work styles.
  • Ministry of Justice Criminal record check.  These are a must, especially if your prospective employee is driving your vehicles, managing finances and supervising others.  These checks can be done within 3 working days for as a little as $20+GST per candidate.  A must for all employers.
  • Credit History Checks (from $25 +gst per candidate).  If you have a candidate who will have access to your banking details or makes significant financial decisions on your behalf, then these same day checks are imperative to do before you hire.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing – we have partnered with The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) to give our Clients access to advanced testing tools.  With many substances legal, you need to know if the decision making of your prospective employees is being undermined by a substance.

It’s important to us to make sure that you get personalised service, because we know that – like people – all businesses are different. Your history’s different, your culture’s different, and your goals are different. And we take all that into account, because we want you to get the right people.

We work in very similar ways to in-house HR managers or advisors, so you can expect us to be thorough in our conversations with candidates and referees. Our combined experience in HR has taught us that relationships are key, so we work hard to build strong ones with you and your candidates.

We take pride in being local and working with local businesses. With this you can be confident that we know the region, the people and your business well.

Lets talk and see it for yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you – why not give us a call now to talk more about how we can help your next recruitment campaign?