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My hand is up, and I have something to share

Right now, in this moment as I type, the to do list looks endless and I have several messages from clients with questions, and other calls to make. Life admin needs drastic attention.  What do I get onto first? Then the question is hanging over me will it be today that the kids are sent home?  It is getting closer…and I am not a good patient.

I am putting my hand up now to say the Stapleton Consulting Team have a lot on the go and are putting contingency plans into action next week.  This is in anticipation that the next 2-3 months will be disruptive and challenging thanks to illness, but there are still opportunities we see ahead and are slowly working towards.

I am anticipating that someone in the team will be sick or at home looking after someone who is sick within the coming weeks, or it could be days. These next few months are going to increase the pressure in all areas of life for many of us.  But with prior prep and planning, and team support, we can make it through ok.

If I don’t act now, it could be so much worse for you, our clients, and our families; the people who rely on us.  We are already working remotely and are keeping in-person meetings to a minimum. When we meet in person we check the environment for ventilation, exercise social distancing and wear masks if there is the risk of sharing close contact air space.  We have saliva testing on hand so we can test the day before and get accurate results that night.

Next week we are figuring out what we will do in certain scenarios, prioritising client work based on some criteria and then sharing with you what the plan is.  We all have different risk profiles, and this is going to be factored into our plans. So, expect further updates from us and note that our plans may differ depending on who in our team you are working with.

This also serves as a timely reminder for you:

What is your contingency plan and how are you going to get through if many can’t work and you have no one else available to help?

What do you need to sharewith your team and customers to manage expectations, and when to ensure you don’t drop the ball?

What support is needed and when?

How are you and your people doing right now?

Check in and frankly talk through the what-ifs and your risk profiles, then determine some contingency plans.

Communication is key in these fast-moving times.  I have done well to keep up and be responsive the past 6 weeks, but I feel my tank doesn’t have much left to get through the next 2-3 months. Its like the last 750m of a 2000m rowing race.  The finish line is so close and yet so far.  The team have been running at 120% since mid-Jan, and some have had various things going on outside of work too.  For me the working and racing in Twizel last week took more out of me than I realised. It was so much fun and great to be in a different environment, but the juggle did stretch me some days and come Tuesday this week I was feeling it.

As I look at that to-do list, I wonder, is it possible to push pause and freeze everything to allow me the quiet space to get stuff done and for a little rest.  So, I may do that next week and not answer any calls so I can plough through some to-do list items and lighten the load.  But right now – bring on the weekend!

PS I am delegating too ???? and the team are stepping up to the challenge. So proud of them!