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Lets make a plan for your employees during the pandemic - Stapleton Consulting

The work is always there but the people don't have to be

When leading a business you have to adapt and roll with whatever comes your way.

Sometimes you can anticipate and have a plan. Other times you may not. But one thing is for sure tomorrow is always be there and it will soon be today.

What would you do if you were sitting in a meeting listening to all these cutback proposals to save money and achieve better business performance and you ask the question – “we make these people redundant and cut spending on IT and marketing and maybe we have a few resignations along the way but how is the work going to get done?”  Then to follow with a paraphrased question – “the work is still going to be there so who is going to do it?”.

It was like I had all of a sudden burst their bubble or bought a high speed train to a halt with one hand like you see super heroes do in movies.

There were no answers to my questions. They hadn’t thought that far ahead. They were just wanting to save money and fast.

Restructuring and making change can be difficult.

It’s also easy to think that cutting costs and making changes to roles will solve your problems today but these could create new ones tomorrow.

What about the quality of customer service? Holding a couple more employees on the books to keep that quality service going without the stress, could be what turns a general enquiry into a sale and adds value to your brand.

That meeting experience I have shared with you, is a good example of a business who are only seeing the trees in front of them and are not prepared to see the forest.

So before you jump to action and quick solutions take a birds eye view of the forest and develop a map to make your journey an easier one.

Breathe in and breathe out.