When we share good news it’s not bragging.  

We are instead sharing the achievements of our clients and letting you in on the secret that we may have had something to do with it.

We work with businesses from all sorts of industries and their problems ranged from quick payroll queries to complex restructures or a difficult recruitment.  Then there are those who enjoyed having someone they could vent to, knowing that it wouldn’t go anywhere.  After all NZ is a small place.

Well over half of our clients are from referrals.  We get it.  What others say about us is important to you. This is why we are sharing these real client stories with you.

Just to make it clear, we are not bragging.  We are actually a pretty modest bunch.

Pedens Collision Repair Centre:

Stapleton Consulting has added a huge amount of value to our business. Now with anything HR related I feel secure – we have processes in place and a person we can go to if we have issues. Catherine has helped us mediate 2 disciplinary meetings, has rewritten our employment agreements, and has helped create a work pathway to help employees improve themselves in their career and our business. The process has been very good and I have a very high opinion of Catherine. She puts a lot of effort into her work and makes my life easy.  Mark le Grove, Director 


The Good PA:

Stapleton Consulting has added tonnes of value to our business. Not only do we use the services in-house, but we refer these services on to our clients. Within Varntige we have used Stapleton Consulting to help with an exit strategy for a staff member – Catherine gave us great advice and a process to follow, and there was a good outcome. Catherine recently helped a client of ours deal with a restructure and redundancy, and the advice was fantastic. The process is so easy – I just fire through an email and the team come back to me and can deal with it. If it’s an urgent issue they can work around this time frame. Catherine and the team do a fantastic job of offering advice and support with HR. I really like working with them and won’t be going anywhere else!  Chantelle Good, Owner and BDM


Marc Doyle Treework:

Stapleton Consulting has helped our team and business to grow. Catherine helped us to recruit a new manager, who has now taken on a role that I used to have in the business, freeing up my time and allowing for monumental change. The process was really good. Catherine takes the time to sit down and understand your business – she is interested in a long term focus and wants to do the best for you. She is very personable and genuine, and cares about her clients.  Chris Corfe, Managing Director


Alpha Scaffolding:

Stapleton Consulting was recommended to us to help us find new staff members and a new Operations Manager. Catherine handled the whole process from start to finish, which took all the hassle and stress away from us and made sure we didn’t have to be too involved. We’re very busy, so this was the best option for us – plus Catherine has access to better tools for this process and did a better job than we could have. The process was very professional.  Patrick Brier, Managing Director


Waipa Networks Trust:

Stapleton Consulting helped us recruit a new high level of directors for our board. She helped with the process from start to finish, and even recommended a candidate that she had screened but we had not chosen for an interview. This candidate went on to get the job, so we would have missed this opportunity if it wasn’t for Catherine! The process went well and was very structured. In the past we’ve used ‘big name recruiters’ for these sort of situations, however Catherine proved that she could perform just as well as these big companies. I have a very high opinion of Catherine – she took control of the process and took away the stress so that I only had to turn up. It was very well organised and ran very smoothly.  Craig Sanders, Chairman


CSC Buying Group:

Stapleton Consulting has provided a range of Human Resources advice to CSC Buying Group and Totara Springs Camp. This includes writing up employment agreements, going through the process of recruiting and hiring a new CEO and giving clarity around HR issues. The process was very professional. The team are great and are naturally helpful, giving great customer service. We’re very happy and they’ve done a good job for our organisation.  Craig Johnson, CEO


Top Class Concrete:

Top Class Concrete Treatments have used Stapleton Consulting to help with employment agreements and formulating letters of acceptance. The team was very professional and got the job done.  Philip Parkinson, Managing Director


Cambrilea WeedSpraying:

We used Stapleton Consulting for recruiting new team members. Being able to reach out to a wider job market has been great , and much more effective than if I’d done it myself. The process was very good – I let Catherine know what I need and they write up the job ads and forward the candidate info on to me. The team are excellent – they provide a great service and and pretty efficient.  Jason Cameron, Operations Manager


Cool Storage Express:

We used Stapleton Consulting when we had an issue with a staff member and needed guidance regarding the disciplinary process. As a small business, this was extremely useful because we weren’t sure of the correct steps to take, and Catherine ensured we didn’t get into trouble! The team were accommodating to our hours and could work around us. They are professional, easy to talk to, and understood where we were from a business perspective as well as an HR perspective. We are very happy with the outcome and know that we can ring Stapleton Consulting for any clarification or issues that may arise in the future.  Peter Fraser, Director